Research in the Biosphere Reserve “Biosphere Bliesgau” will concentrate primarily on the following key areas in the future along with recording the data and investigations already at hand:
•  Ecological change in urban, interurban and rural areas in the context of global climate change,
•   Possibilities and social as well as ecological limits on the extraction and use of renewable energy sources,
•   The development of human surroundings in the course of social change (especially structural and demographic change) and
•    Research into mineral balances and geo-ecology


Biological research                                                          Recording species

Research in the Biosphere Reserve is guided by two committees, the “Research Board” and the “Research Forum”. The independent “Research Board” advises the Ministry for the Environment, Energy and Transportation in the granting of research assignments. It examines research applications, evaluates them and classifies them according to priority. Furthermore, it supports the Ministry evaluating the research once it is completed.
The Board is made up of four scientists from different disciplines who were appointed to this office by the Ministry.

Researching scientists working the Biosphere Reserve are organized in the “Research Forum”. It offers a platform for the exchange of ideas and information on current research projects and/or the current state of research and is assigned to coordinate research activities.




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