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In our download-area you can find our information sheet "Current News from the Biosphere Reserve Bliesgau" and various brochures on the topic in PDF form:

The Biosphere Reserve Bliesgau

PDF-SymbolBrochure Biosphere reserve Bliesgau
(Download, pdf, 1,3 MB)

pdfFlyer Core Zones – Tomorrow’s Primordial Forests
(Download, pdf, 0,5 MB) 

pdfApplication for Destination Nature
(Download, pdf, 6 MB)


Regional Products in the Biosphere reserve

PDF-SymbolThe  Bliesgau buyer's guide
(Download, pdf, 4 MB)

PDF-SymbolList of locations of the Bliesgau shelf
(Download, pdf, 0,7 MB)

PDF-Symbol Partner – Agricultural and Food Industry Businesses
(Download, pdf, 0,4 MB)


Holiday,Leisure and Recreation in Biosphere Reserve Bliesgau

Event calendar for 2015 


PDF-SymbolTrails in the Core Zone Kirkel (with the kind support of the LVGL and MUV)
  (Download, pdf, 2 MB)

PDF-SymbolLeisure Activities in Biosphere Reserve Bliesgau
(Download, pdf, 5 MB)

PDF-SymbolHiking Guide from SaarPalatinate-Touristik
(Download, pdf, 5,5 MB)

PDF-SymbolPartner Information Offices
(Download, pdf, 0,5 MB)

PDF-SymbolPartner - Nature and Landscape Guide
(Download, pdf, 0,5 MB)

PDF-SymbolThe Biosphere Bus 501
(Download, pdf, 4,5 MB)


Brochures by EUROPARC

PDF-SymbolNationalparks in Germany - Wild and Beautiful
(Download, pdf, 4,6 MB)

PDF-SymbolBiosphere Reserves in Germany - Naturally Near
(Download, pdf, 5,7 MB)

PDF-SymbolNature Parks in Germany - Nature and man belong together
(Download, pdf, 6,3 MB)

PDF-SymbolBiosphere reserves in Germany - In touch with nature
(Download, pdf, 6,2 MB)

PDF-SymbolFor Nature and Man - National Natural Landscapes Image Flyer
(Download, pdf, 3,6 MB)

PDF-SymbolHoliday with our Partners
(Download, pdf, 2,7 MB)

PDF-SymbolHoliday in Nature
(Download, pdf, 7,7 MB)


Research in the Biosphere Reserve

PDF-SymbolPresentation Quantitative Study
(Download, pdf, 2,3 MB)

PDF-SymbolPresentation Qualitative Study
(Download, pdf, 3,1 MB)

PDF-SymbolInterim Report Qualitative Study
(Download, pdf, 0,7 MB)



PDF-SymbolInstructions for building small owl boxes from NABU
(Download, pdf, 0,5 MB)

PDF-SymbolFlyer on the initiative "Tracking the Stag Beetle"
(Download, pdf, 2,6 MB)


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