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What are partners of the Biosphere Reserve Bliesgau?

Biosphere Reserve Partners act as 

•    Ambassadors of the ideas behind the Biosphere Reserve
•    Quality service providers
•    Promoters of environmental conservation and sustainability
•    To promote regional engagement and motivation 

They are recognised with the official partner logo, are linked into a network of partners and are actively included in the national marketing campaign as providers to the tourism industry. The partner-initiative is a cooperative project between the Biosphere Reserve and tourism related businesses aimed at developing a network in order to promote sustainable tourism.

 Here you can see more about the partners of the Biosphere Reserve Bliesgau


Jan Faßbender took over the management of our partner initiative in July 2012. A professional gardener, he studied forestry and regional management/economic development at university. He specialises in regional development in protected areas and already had become familiar with the project Partner Initiative in another Biosphere Reserve.

“For me the challenge is to balance conservation and sustainable economic development. It’s a primary concern. Ultimately the Biosphere Reserve should allow man and nature to meet ‘face to face’. I quite look forward to getting to know the various actors and stakeholders from the region personally. This is very important since I would like to build up the partner network together with actors from the Biosphere Reserve in working groups.”
If you have questions about this topic, Jan Faßbender (Tel: 0 68 42/ 9 60 09 17, Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) will be glad to answer them form the Business Office of the Biosphere Association!
Background Information

Twelve national parks, one natural park and three Biosphere Reserves work together on the partner initiative of the National Natural Landscapes in Germany. Shared minimum quality standards and environmental standards provide a uniform level of quality at each participating business nation-wide. Since 2005 there has been an official working group under the auspices of EUROPARC Germany, which has continued to develop the seal of quality and is planning joint marketing activities.


Broschüre Urlaub bei unseren Partnern von EUROPARCBroschüre Urlaub in der Natur von EUROPARC

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The Partner Initiative is a joint project of the Biosphere Association Bliesgau, SaarPalatinate Touristik and the Wirtschaftsförderungsgesellschaft SaarPalatinate mbH [SaarPalatinate Economic Development Corporation LLC]. The “Local Action Group Biosphere Reserve Bliesgau“ funds this Partner Initiative in the context of the LEADER-Programme with funds from the “European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development” and Saarland Ministry for Commerce and Science.



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